Whew, lots of good stuff from The Chronicle:

> DeMarcus Nelson feature

> Dave McClure feature

> Josh McRoberts feature

> Martynas Pocius feature

> Jon Scheyer feature

> Lance Thomas feature

> Gerald Henderson feature

> Brian Zoubek feature

> Op-ed piece: Loss of Redick could be Devils’ gain

> Duke to play unfamiliar role “from the shadows” this season

> Q&A with the assistant coaches

Here’s the most newsworthy aspect of the interview:

Q: Coach Dawkins, many people consider you the heir apparent for when Mike Krzyzewski retires. Have you and he talked about the future in that respect?

Johnny Dawkins: Not at all. I would love to be a head coach someday, but my wish is that Coach [Krzyzewski] coach for as long as possible because he is so great for the game and great for the student athletes.

Q: Under what circumstances could you see yourself leaving Duke for another coaching job?

Johnny Dawkins: I’ve never really entertained leaving. I’ve been happy with where I am, and I know it will happen eventually. But I don’t have a timetable or a place in mind or anything like that. If you are worried about where you will be in a few years, you can’t do the best job where you are.

Steve Wojo: When the time comes, I believe there will be a feeling, and I’ll get great advice and then it will be time to go. But right now, and I can speak for the other guys, our total focus in on these kids, because that’s what they deserve.

Chris Collins: There’s no question I have a desire to be a head coach and have a program one day, but I’m definitely in no rush. It would have to be a situation that I felt would be a great situation for my family and a place where I felt I could be very successful. Unless Coach K is kicking me out the door, I’m in no rush to leave anytime soon.