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Head women’s basketball coach Gail Goestenkors pulled in another big-time recruit over the weekend when Shay Selby, the top point guard in 2007, committed to maticulate in Durham.

Hoopgurlz, an affiliate of the Scout network, had this to say about the commitment:

Coach Goestenkors so far has the top 2007 class with No. 6 overall prospect Krystal Thomas of Orlando, Fla.; No. 7 Jasmine Thomas of Vienna, Va., and No. 31 Karima Christmas of Houston, Texas, and has a jump on 2008 with Shelby. The No. 11 overall prospect, Selby averaged 23 points and 4.1 assists as a sophomore and is a nearly unstoppable penetrator and great distributor with a knockout mid-range game. She can be a good complement to Thomas, who is a better scorer, as well as Blue Devil super soph Abby Waner, who at 5 feet 11 has more size.

Selby, who averaged 23 points and 4.1 assists during her sophomore season at Regina High School in Cleveland, also had been considering Connecticut, Michigan State, Ohio State and Tennessee.

“Shay Selby is perhaps the most exciting offensive player in the class,” said Chris Hansen, National Director of Scouting for and “She can break down just about anyone off the dribble and, as quick as she is, she’s always on balance and her movement is very smooth. As she gets stronger, she is going to become even more difficult to defend. When teams sag off her to take away penetration, she can knock down the three point shot. Duke locked down a potentially great player.”


Not exactly earth-shattering news anymore, but we’ll take it.

Courtesy the Duke Chronicle:

The 6-foot-8 forward, ranked No. 4 overall in his class by recruiting website, visited Duke in late September. Singler also took official visits to Arizona last month and Kansas last weekend and is now taking time to discuss the decision with his family and coaches.

“Right now he hasn’t made any determination,” said Dennis Murphy, Singler’s coach at South Medford (Ore.) High School. “He’s probably thought about it a lot, but he hasn’t shared it with anyone.”

I think it’s probably going to be toward the end of next week,” Murphy added.

Murphy said the factors Singler would be considering include the school’s coaches, players, distance from home and academics.

Video of Singler:

Video of Patterson:

This Oregon newspaper has an update on Kyle Singler’s college search.

THE FEELING FROM here is that Singler will pick Duke. Krzyzewski, considered by many to be the nation’s top college coach, has already formed a close relationship with Singler and has told him he has the potential to become an All-American.

Singler has said that attending school thousands of miles from home wouldn’t bother him and he once said that he’ll lean toward the school where he feels he has the best chance to win.

Said Singler, “I’m going to take a week to soak everything in, talk things over with my family and then decide.”

Let’s hope that decision brings him to Duke.

Hat tip to “DukieintheNorth” who posted this on the boards:

This tidbit came from a chat transcript hosted by USA Today. The pundit, Jerry Meyer, didn’t have much to say, but what he did say will be encouraging to Duke fans.

New Orleans, LA: Which college do you think Kyle Singler will attend?
Jerry Meyer: My guess is Duke.

Consider the source. But consider it nonetheless.

It has been an odd day to say the least when it comes to news about Patterson and his visit to Duke. I have heard a number of different, very odd stories, none of which I feel comfortable repeating at this time. But suffice to say, no one has told me that the Duke visit went great and that a commitment (which Duke was hoping to get locked up before Patrick left campus) seemed forthcoming. When the Patrick Patterson recruitment ends, I have a number of GREAT stories to be told, regardless of whether he ends up. But for now, we are still in a holding pattern for the next few weeks.

Ultimately if anyone says they KNOW where Patrick is going, they are simply lying. This family has kept this recruitment on an even keel and has been as thorough as any that I have seen go through this process. Patterson was thrown into a whirlwind with his great play this summer and the Patterson family has seen their life change dramatically in a few months. But they have handled the whole thing with class and are as well informed as any family I have seen.

No one is pulling anything on this group. I know the Patterson’s have serious questions that have needed to be answered by all schools. They wonder about the fans’ treatment of Tubby Smith and have brought that subject up to me on MULTIPLE occasions. They are curious about why it took Duke so long to get involved with their son and how they went from completely off the radar to the supposed #1 target. They wonder from Florida about the support of the fan base down there and how basketball fits in with the university as a whole. In short, these are folks who know the process and are not afraid to ask the tough questions.

When I was in Indianapolis, I talked with a number of analysts and coaches. All thought that it would be very difficult to get Patterson from Kentucky. The relationship that Tubby has created with the family will make it VERY HARD for them to look him in the eye and say no. Tubby has won over the parents and being so close to Kentucky is a huge benefit on the decision. What has happened since Indy, and really since the visit a few weeks ago, is that Florida has risen from being the certain third place contender, to a real horse in this race. Patrick loved the camraderie between the Florida guys (which is real) and the family atmosphere that Billy D has created down there. I often got the feeling when I spoke with the Pattersons before that Florida was a 3rd and maybe a 4th choice behind Wake Forest. Now it would not shock me in the least to see him become a Gator.

As for UK, I still like the chances leading into Madness. Kentucky has gotten the last visit….and the one scheduled for the most important recruiting day of the year. No school wants Patrick more and no fan base in the country wants any one recruit like the UK folks want Patrick. It is imperative that this be shown at Midnight Madness and I think it will. At this point, UK has done all it can do, but this one last hurdle is a big one. The show and visit at Midnight Madness needs to be tremendous. If it is, Kentucky has made their case the best they can and the chips will fall where they may.

People always ask me where Pat will go….and honestly I have my thoughts, but I will not predict. As I have said before, I talk to two people regularly who are as close to this situation as anyone can be. Both have consistently told me the same things…..and with both of them, the “top school” has changed at various points. What has not changed is the insistence that UK has always been right in the mix.

Though little is known about the source, this report would certainly complement the rumors and reports on Kyle Singler’s recruitment.

UCLA is out of the mix for power forward South Medford (Ore.) High’s Kyle Singler. According to a number of sources, Singler will wind up at Duke. No, it’s not shocking or surprising, but something I’ve heard for a while but didn’t feel comfortable writing (for a variety of reasons) unitl now.