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The Duke Chronicle has an article focusing on Ted Roof’s recruiting efforts in the current high school class that includes some quotes from me .

Currently the Blue Devils have 12 players verbally committed to joining the program this summer, but as TDD subscribers are aware there are some soon to be announced decisions that will certainly increase that number.


You can read The Devil’s Den’s analysis of today’s game here. We’ve got a complete matchup analysis, keys to the game, and as republished here, our predictions, as well.

Final Analysis:
There is one overriding question heading into this game: Can Duke score? So far this season, they’ve played 16 quarters of football and have 13 points. Alabama will be looking to extend Duke’s dubious streak for another four quarters. The Tide started the season 3-0 but has dropped their initial two SEC contest and should be looking at Duke as an easy win to get them back on track. For the Devils, they have to do something to get their offense untracked. The defense has played well enough to win a few games this season, but they are not getting any support from the other side of the ball. Alabama is rated 29th in the country in total defense, giving up 280 yards per game. The numbers however are a bit misleading. The Tide is giving up 5.31 yards per play, which is half a yard to a yard more than the teams around them in the standings. To put it in perspective, Duke is a surprising 40th in total defense which is 11 spots worse than Alabama, but Duke is only giving up 4.99 yards per play. Such a small margin does not seem significant, but over the course of a game it is telling of how well a defense is stopping the opponent.

When all of the numbers are crunched, however, the prospects for a Duke victory look quite bleak. Alabama has more talent on both sides of the ball and has a huge advantage in the trenches when Duke has the ball. I think the Devils will get off their scoring snide, but the Tide will control the action throughout the game. The Duke defense will play valiantly up front, but will once again be put in really bad field position by the offenses’ lack of execution. Duke will remain within shouting distance through halftime, but the Tide will roll in the second half.

Final Score:

Alabama – 38
Duke -10

On September 26th the site reached a milestone of sorts by accepting member number 25,000. Since that time we’ve added another 200+ lost souls to the madness, but 25,000 got me thinking about how far this little venture has come.

From a humble start on way back in 1998; to finally getting the domain name (hey, $50 was a lot for a high schooler) in early 1999; to joining the old Rivals and then watching it go under only to resign with the new Rivals in September of 2000; and then leave the new Rivals for in 2003, it’s been an interesting almost nine years (in February).

Growing to 25,000 users is pretty special since anyone who understands the ‘Duke market’ will tell you it’s a suprisingly small population relative to other big programs such as North Carolina, NC State, Texas, Big 10 Football schools, and most of the SEC.