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The Duke Chronicle has an article focusing on Ted Roof’s recruiting efforts in the current high school class that includes some quotes from me .

Currently the Blue Devils have 12 players verbally committed to joining the program this summer, but as TDD subscribers are aware there are some soon to be announced decisions that will certainly increase that number.


Courtesy your friendly moderators at, we’d like to welcome you to Sound and the Fury, which will aim to provide an analytical supplement to the message boards that have become the sports home for 25,000-plus fans of Duke University’s athletic teams.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Like Faulkner’s classic novel, Sound and the Fury will be filled with the views, takes and (hopefully) the insights of various individuals–though the affiliation with Faulkner’s book will end there.

So why start a blog?

The message boards provide a wonderful community-based forum in which fans can interact with “insiders.” Sometimes the most sought after analysis and information in message boards is difficult to find. This blog will hopefully ameliorate the ability of locating the information Duke fans want to find, and will further provide a vehicle for which that information can be delivered in a more thorough manner.

In-game analysis and immediate post-game analysis, and more efficient responses to the news and notes of the day can be expected with this new extenstion of The Devil’s Den, as well.

This is all about better serving the TDD readership, and hopefully, this blog will be a valuable complement to the main website that will benefit our collective interest in Duke athletics.

We look forward to the conversation, and look forward to your feedback.

The last two recruiting classes have a number of things in common. First, they are probably filled with the most talent this side of the Spurrier era. Second, the Duke coaching staff has closed strong in both with late commitments.

In 2005 it was Cliff Harris and Mike Brown (now Tauiliili). In 2006 Duke got late verbals from Leon Wright, the two Swedes, and Thaddeus Lewis. Now it’s time to close strong in with this year’s recruiting haul despite some less than stellar on the field results.

The class of 2007 is still a bit light in the rankings with only Arkansas’ Josh Trezvant rated as a three star prospect, and closing with a flurry of higly rated players would go a long way in restoring some faith among Duke faithful. However, it should be noted that will re-rate a number of players before the end of the football season and film will be crucial. As usual, TDD/Scout have been able to assemble a complete library of highlight videos on the current commits.

One name to watch is New Jersey OT Anthony Grosso. Maryland’s Chris Shannon is another that would be a nice way to top of the group. Expect commitments for Bryan Morgan, Garrett Utt, and the Jones twins to also firm up in the coming weeks. For more, head over to the Premium Recruiting Forum a.k.a The Roof Top.