Oh, Louisiana.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco has called the presidents of the Rose Bowl Presened by Citi and the FedEx Orange Bowl to lobby LSU for a high Bowl Championship Series berth.

“Anyone who follows college football knows this has been a successful year for LSU and we Tiger fans are some of the most passionate fans in college sports,” she said Thursday. “Our team deserves a BCS berth.”

“I am reminding representatives of these bowls of the excitement our state shares for this team and everything we offer as LSU fans. An invitation to any of these bowls would be a major win for both LSU and the bowls themselves,” she said.

Regardless of the merits of her argument, a governor has far more important things to be concerned with then her state’s flagship football team’s postseason hopes.

However, this is a politician, not restricted by logic and reason. Therefore, this is a wise political move, even if it may have no impact whatsoever on the Tigers’ chances of earning a BCS berth.

Blanco has been hammered in the press for her handling of Katrina. So by going to bat for something that is immensely popular in the state–Les Miles’ LSU Tigers–she can go through the motions of being a compassionate public servant doing the states’ bidding.

Further, there is certainly some economic benefit to LSU and the state of Louisiana should a BCS berth be granted.

Regardless of all that, one would imagine that the national press will jump on Blanco for expending any time whatsoever on something as trivial as college football while her state continues to limp toward normalcy in the wake of the worst natural disaster in the Deep South’s history.