Gotta love the walk-ons.

On Oct. 3, two freshmen earned arguably the most lucrative prize Duke can offer a first-year male student-a spot on the men’s basketball team for the 2006-07 season.

Steve Johnson and Nick Sutton-the two freshmen who withstood the grueling tryouts and provided what the Blue Devils’ coaching staff was looking for-are now living the life even they only dreamed of just two months ago.

“It really just doesn’t seem real,” Sutton said. “It doesn’t hit you. Every once in a while-once a week, once a month-you just step back, and you realize what’s going on.”

Though they have taken different paths to their place on head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s team, both Johnson and Sutton have one thing in common-they made it, and they get to suit up each game in front of thousands of screaming fans.