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After the game, no one in the Devils locker room had anything nice to say about their own first-half defense.

“As athletic as we are and as deep as we are, we’re going to try to establish ourselves as a great defensive team,” redshirt sophomore David McClure said. “We’re not there yet.”

The Offense didn’t look so hot either, as the Eagles cut off the passing lanes and forced the Devils into too many one-on-one situations. Duke had just 10 field goals in the first half and trailed, by as many as seven points, for about the first 12 minutes.

“Our offense was a little out of rhythm early, and that’s the kind of thing that you might see from a young team or any team that had a game last night and had to come back,” Nelson said.

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Speedy point guard Dwayne Foreman scored a game-high 18 points, driving past Greg Paulus for layups. Paulus missed most of the preseason with a foot injury and looked uncomfortable guarding Foreman.

“I made a couple of bad decisions out there,” Paulus admitted.

Paulus committed five turnovers in 20 minutes. McRoberts was complaining to the referees. For a while, it was downright ugly for Duke.

“I thought I was getting fouled,” McRoberts explained. “I thought they were taking my legs out when I took my shots. I was getting frustrated on that. We were just playing really poorly.”

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“Early on, we weren’t ready to play and it showed,” said DeMarcus Nelson, who finished with 16 points and tied a career high with 10 rebounds. “We gave up a lot of looks and rebounds and dribble penetration, and our offense was a little out of rhythm. That’s the kind of thing you might see from a young team but really from any team, after playing a game last night and having to come back tonight.

“Then after that, we kind of settled in.”

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