How nice.

If Duke can get through those four games without getting into the win column, and North Carolina remains winless against Division I-A opponents, the stage will be set for one of the most exciting Duke-UNC football games in history.

In what can only be called the “Toilet Bowl,” the Tobacco Road rivals will clash on the gridiron with last place in the ACC-possibly the nation, too-on the line.

This one will be tough for the Blue Devils to lose and make my dream of an 0-12 season come true. The Tar Heels have been almost as bad as Duke this year, losing by 17 points or more in each of their last five games and posting a 1-6 overall record, with the lone win coming in a nail-biter against Division I-AA Furman.

As we all know, however, the Blue Devils were shutout 13-0 by Division I-AA Richmond to open the season, and the Duke offense has come up empty on three occasions compared to just one shutout for lowly UNC. And if the game comes down to the wire as all Duke-North Carolina games have a habit of doing, the Blue Devils have proved this year they have a knack for not coming through in the clutch.

There was the 28-yard game-winning kick blocked at Wake Forest and last week’s gut-wrencher that saw a Miami defender pick off a would-be game-winning touchdown pass from Thaddeus Lewis on the game’s final play. The Tar Heels have yet to play in a close game aside from the one against Furman, but it’s hard to imagine they could have less ability to win tight ones.

I might be getting ahead of myself with the possible “Toilet Bowl,” but hopefully some of you will join me in rooting for the matchup, and then sucking it up and rooting for the Tar Heels so Duke can finish off its record-setting 12-loss season.

Columns such as these are just mean-spirited and counterproductive.

But so it goes.