Let’s be clear: The Devil’s Den is not the story here. The author–Matt Jones–and his mischaracterizations of Duke are the issue. This has nothing to do with basketball, and everything to do with Jones’ assertion that Duke is “lily-white.”

On his blog, Jones–a Duke Law alum–bemoans his recent excursion to The Devil’s Den premium boards.

Jones writes as follows:

You know sometimes some of the most fun things in this business are when you are being roundly criticized. I dont mean that I like criticism, the neurosis in me always dwells on it, but sometimes it is fun to watch people get worked up. Such a thing happened the last few days as the Duke premium Scout site has gotten up in arms about our harmless little blog. As we discussed on the show, they were frustrated about something I wrote on here in a thread comparing UK, Duke and Florida and proceeded to rip me. I defended myself and they all came after me and I decided to stop banging my head against the wall (or if you believe them, I was “defeated”). I talked about it a bit on the show and that was that. But the Dukies like to keep going. Someone took the time to not only listen to our show, but TRANSCRIBE THE SEGMENTS ABOUT DUKE, and put them on the site. They now are up in arms about my comments to Decourcey on Duke scheduling and have been ranting about it all day. Here is a little secret to my Duke friends….learn the lesson Fox News learned when they went after Al Franken…..if you dont like something, ignore it. Getting worked up about it only gives it validity. That is a good lesson for all of us. In other news, I am going to see if one of them will come on our show on Sunday for a “debate”. I think it will be fun and good radio.

Once again, decorum forbids us to post conversations from the premium forum, but if Jones continues to mislead his readers, we may have to make an exception.

But let’s be clear: The reason for all the hubbub was Jones’ assertion that Duke was “lily-white.”

We reiterate: This has nothing to do with basketball, and everything to do with the slandering of a university.

Jones is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

That lesson–first taught by Senator Moynihan to a hapless foe on the Senate floor–is yet to be learned by Jones.