From Monday’s ESPN Insider chat:

jp – atlanta: I don’t understand why everyone has mcroberts ranked above hansbrough – when they matched up last year, hansbrough won every time. McRoberts is good, but hansbrough seems more skilled and certainly has better technique and heart

Andy Katz: wooooh….I don’t think McRoberts is a better college player than Hansbrough. But he will be selected higher in the NBA draft because of his height and length. Hansbrough is tougher and probably has a higher basketball IQ. I do like McRobert’s perimeter ball skills. That’s all I was talking about.

Hansborough certainly had a better freshman campaign than McRoberts, but the causality therein must be considered before a judgment is made on who the better college player is–an assessment can only be made on who has been the best college player thus far. Their careers will continue for their respective universities in a few short weeks, and therefore, Katz’s assessment seems premature.

Hansborough was the go-to player on his team from day one.

McRoberts was the third cog behind two of the best athletes in Duke history.

That isn’t to take away from Hansborough’s abilities, nor is it an attempt to overstate McRoberts’. But they were in completely different circumstances a year ago, and to brandish one’s career as better than the other on the basis of that is simply bad logic.