Sad news for J-Will, but he has overcome greater setbacks in his life.

There are those who never believed Jay Williams had a shot to make the Nets roster. Their opinions had less to do with the fact the Nets are carrying the maximum 15 guaranteed contracts and more with their refusal to believe he would rediscover his game after a devastating motorcycle accident nearly took his life three and a half years ago.

Those naysayers may believe his journey back to the NBA is now over with the Nets waiving the former star point guard yesterday. But they may want to consult his family, friends and former Nets teammates who disagree.

“Oh no, this is just another step in the next direction. There’s one more to go. He’s almost there,” Williams’ father, David, said from his home in Plainfield, N.J. “This was a victory because everyone that didn’t get a chance to see him play full court — because all of those tryouts (Williams had) were three players in a half-court setting — saw him.

“I told him that before Friday’s game (against the 76ers). This is a chance to show what you can do. It’s not just the Nets. It’s the whole world that is watching.”