Every October, the media gathers in Greensboro to lob questions at the ACC’s basketball coaches and their top players. The food is delicious, the sportswriters are obese, and the cynicism is high.

This past weekend, the sportswriters chose UNC to win the conference, and picked Duke 2nd. Here are a few links covering that which was said by Coach K:

> Herald Sun

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Sunday at ACC Operation Basketball that no timetable was in place for Paulus’ return from what Krzyzewski termed a “weird injury” to the sophomore’s left foot.

Krzyzewski added that the point guard duties would fall on freshman Jon Scheyer for the time being, with big man Josh McRoberts getting more involved in the ballhandling act and wing player DeMarcus Nelson pitching in as needed.

“It’s undetermined how long he’ll be out. It’s not like we’re saying months, but it is weeks,” Krzyzewski said. “The one thing it does is that we have so many young guys, and it gives us an opportunity to look at people in different ways.

“Practices have been good. No one is saying, ‘Woe is me,’ or anything like that, and Greg has been great with the team.”

Krzyzewski tried to explain the exact nature of the injury but admitted that the explanation “sounds like me trying to tell my wife what I was doing last night but not really wanting to tell her.”

Paulus had a pre-existing injury to a bone in his left foot, one that may have happened in high school without Paulus’ knowledge and one that had healed. But the injury wasn’t addressed properly — if at all — the first time around, and when he fell over Nelson during a drill in practice nine days ago, it aggravated the old injury.

Doctors decided against surgery, instead putting the foot in a boot and treating it with bone stimulator.

“The day that I found out that Greg had broken his foot caught us all by surprise. It really turned my whole day around,” Nelson said. “Greg is important to our team, and it just so happened that he reaggravated the fracture by coming down on me, so I felt a little guilty.

“I felt like I did it, but they made me feel better by letting me know it was already there.”

> News & Observer

“When we recruited [Scheyer], we felt he’d be a good player, but we also felt he could play the point a little bit,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Sunday. “So now he gets more practice doing that.”

Scheyer will get help from sophomore forward Josh McRoberts.

“We’ll look more like we did in the late 1980s with [Quin] Snyder and [Danny] Ferry,” Krzyzewski said. “Quin was more of point guard than Scheyer. But, actually Josh — and I’m not saying he’s better than Danny — but ballhandling and bringing it up, he’s probably as good or better [than Ferry] at this stage.”

> Fayetteville News

The Blue Devils’ biggest concern at the moment is the health of sophomore point guard Greg Paulus, who injured his foot on the second day of practice. According to coach Mike Krzyzewski, the injury was a reaggravation of a previous fracture Paulus suffered years back.

The Duke coach said he hopes to have Paulus back by Thanksgiving. In the meantime, with little depth at the position, the Devils are turning to freshman shooting guard Jon Scheyer to slide over to the point.

“There’s going to be a learning curve for Jon with the idea that he’s doing something he’s not used to,” said junior forward DeMarcus Nelson. “But at the same time, it’s on us — the other four guys on the court with him — to try and help make his job easier.”