Hill hasn’t finished a season in seven years thanks to his body’s inability to keep up.

No one deserves to thrive healthily more than Hill.

So far so good in ’06.

Hill could have retired long ago and started his next profession as a real-estate mogul or possibly even an NBA owner, but he’s not ready to give up on his basketball career just yet.

“I’ve fought through a lot just to get back to this point, and I think that kind of shows how much I love to play the game,” Hill said. “I feel great now, and I want to stay healthy for an entire season. I want to play as long as I can stay healthy. But if anything, I’ve learned that you take it one day at a time.”

Hill has looked magnificent throughout training camp, blowing by defenders with that cat-quick first step that made him a seven-time All-Star in a previous basketball life. He’ll play three different positions for the Magic, sliding over to point guard at times so Nelson can get up some shots from the shooting guard slot.