And DBR is more optimistic than most:

Everyone is predicting doom and gloom since Greg Paulus injured his foot, leaving Duke without a point guard, but while he’ll obviously be missed, we’re not sure the depression is entirely warranted.

First of all, Duke has been down this road before. When they haven’t had a natural point, either as a result of injury or just not getting a recruit to play the position, they’ve done something called conveyance. Basically, they pass the ball down court instead of one guy bringing it up.

And secondly, a lot of the same people who are predicting bad things for Duke are the same ones who said things like Paulus can’t play defense. Well, guess what:

With Paulus out, the starting backcourt is likely to be DeMarcus Nelson and Gerald Henderson. Odds are either Jon Scheyer or Marty Pocius will start as well.

But for now, let’s say Nelson and Henderson. That’s as athletic a backcourt as Duke has ever had, and they have the potential to be monstrous defenders. Duke will lose the passing of Paulus, which was devastating at times last year, but they gain a higher pressure on the opponent’s perimeter. If they get the ball loose and in transition, it’s a different way to attack.

And finally, we know from past teams that while obviously Krzyzewski would prefer that Paulus be healthy, he’ll also point out to his other four backcourt candidates that this is an opportunity for them, and they’ll play accordingly.

Here’s hoping DBR is right.