With the NBA season nearly upon us, and of course the 3rd Annual Duke/UNC Fantasy League all set and ready to go, I took particular interest in John Hollinger’s in-depth player ratings that were just published on ESPN.com. Hollinger actually goes into a great amount of statistical detail and other analysis to make his rankings, so I thought I’d post the various rankings to help raise a little more interest in my fantasy league.

Keep in mind… these are Hollinger’s rankings, not mine, so you Heel types don’t go flaming just because five of the top six players listed are Devils.

This may help explain why I feel pretty good about our chances in the fantasy league.

Overall Ranking/Position Ranking

13/5. Elton Brand
26/5. Vince Carter
31/9. Carlos Boozer
46/9. Corey Maggette
48/10. Grant Hill
52/12. Luol Deng

72/17. Raymond Felton
89/26. Antawn Jamison
99/28. Rasheed Wallace
139/21. Brendan Haywood
159/25. Shane Battier
164/28. Jerry Stackhouse
169/28. Marvin Williams
178/30. Mike Dunleavy
183/31. Rashad McCants
195/43. Chris Duhon
250/59. Shammond Williams
306/49. Dahntay Jones
310/50. Daniel Ewing

Of course, no rookies were ranked, and Shav was completely overlooked.

Incidentally, the top ACC player ranked was Chris Paul, who came in seventh overall.