This student writer for the Miami student newspaper is no apologist for Saturday’s imbroglio.

So when I hear the anchors on Sportscenter talking about the latest “despicable act” committed by the Hurricanes, I don’t feel embarrassed-I applaud.

And further…

Larry “Dead Man Walking” Coker said after the game, “It was something that neither of us wanted.” Excuse me, Larry, but it’s exactly what most of your fan base has wanted for years. Donna Shalala has done wonders for this school, but by retaining you, has also castrated the football program of its storied swagger. Embattled quarterback Kyle Wright got it right, when he explained, “It’s something they started. And our guys finished it. They’re going home with a 35-0 loss and they’re 0-7.” Damn right, Kyle.

Defending something like Saturday’s brawl is a sign of immaturity, for “hubris” has nothing to do with kicking opponents in the head or slamming foes with helmets. Hubris is an attitude, and a swagger is more than acceptable–engaging in Neanderthal-like behavior is not.

The op-ed writer’s inability to grasp this basic fact is unfortunate, and is one TDD hopes that at least the team learns before it struts into Wallace Wade this Saturday.