CBS Sportsline–that bastion of unintelligent sportswriting, and the home of the indomitable Gregg Doyel–has published a column on the impact of Greg Paulus’ injury.

But instead of considering how Duke will respond, he chides Paulus instead. Such is what someone does when he or she has no idea how to analyze a situation. Or rather, it demonstrates a lack of critical thinking ability.

And so we get assertions like this:

And though Scheyer should be a very good, if not great, college player someday given that he scored 3,034 points during his high school career (which ranks fourth in Illinois history), it’s fair to wonder if that day will be Nov. 12, when the Blue Devils open against Columbia.

Is that too soon?

Is that too much?

Common sense suggests it is, considering there’s no J.J. Redick or Shelden Williams catching and scoring balls, and that Josh McRoberts is the only starter remaining from last season’s Sweet 16 team. But it’s now up to Krzyzewski to figure it all out, (expect DeMarcus Nelson to get a shot at handling the ball, too). And though given Coach K’s track record it’s probably unwise to bet against the guy, the odds are certainly now unfavorable as the first week of practice moves along.

The writer pretends as if Paulus is gone for the season, and that Duke will now be devoid of a true point guard until March.

Duke has a full slate of practices with which to adjust to Paulus’ absence, and a handful of preseason and regular season games that should allow the Blue Devils to at least be able to run an offense and a fast-break without falling over themselves.

Would it be better with Paulus? Of course. But Duke’s not going to forget how to play basketball because Paulus won’t be there for a few weeks. And though Scheyer’s not a true point guard–nor is Nelson, nor anyone else on the Duke roster other than Paulus–Duke is coached by assistants in Collins and Wojo who know a thing or two about running the Duke offense. Scheyer will be fine.

And so will Duke.