Here’s DBR’s take on the 60 Minutes story.

While the piece in general was tremendous, there were a few things we wish 60 Minutes had pursued more closely. First of all was the question of the 911 calls, specifically the first. Roberts went to great lengths to cause trouble, allegedly because someone (perhaps more than one someone) used the N word. She admits throwing the first racial insult, calling someone a “limp-dick white boy.” The terms are not equivalent, but if you toss out a racial/sexual taunt, surely you can’t be too surprised if it comes back at you. Dumping the AV semi-anonymously at the Kroger’s is perhaps understandable – who wants a passed-out stranger (basically) in their passenger seat? – but the first call is still a mystery.

We also wish they had taken a closer look at Sgt. Gottlieb and his attitude towards Duke students in general, and in particular his written statement, which raised eyebrows, not least of all because it conflicted with Benjamin Himan’s account, taken at the same time.

We also wish he had taken a closer look at how Nifong took control of the investigation and the lineup.

But all those things aside, 60 Minutes eviscerated the prosecution’s case. After the DNA came back negative, after the outrageous lineup, after Roberts punched numerous holes in Nifong’s case, after the revelation that she was performing when she was too traumatized to speak of the case and too sore to sit down, after James Coleman calmly charged prosecutorial misconduct, here’s what’s fair to say now.