TDD is working on an extensive analysis of tonight’s report from 60 Minutes, but for now, suffice it to say that 60 Minutes did a number on District Attorney Nifong and the accusations of sexual assault he has so doggedly pursued, facts be damned.

CBS has posted a six-page story on the 30-minute report, complete with quotes and reporting from the newsmagazine.

The most damning information presented by 60 Minutes was as follows:

> Just two weeks after the accuser said she had been raped, she was performing as an exotic dancer. There is video evidence to prove this, which 60 Minutes showed on this evening’s program.

> Kim Roberts, or “Nikki,” refuted much of the accuser’s testimony, including the accuser’s description of how the two were separated at the party, and how the lacrosse players treated them at the party.

> The examination by CBS News indicated potential violations of conduct by District Attorney Nifong, both in his public statements about the case and in his process of investigating the case itself. The line-up of suspects, in particular, seemed to violate “local, state and federal guideline” according to a Duke law professor who, incidentally, led the commission appointed by President Brodhead to investigate the imbroglio.

The rest of the report by 60 Minutes consolidated that which those who have followed the case closely already knew.

But for this report to appear with such publicity, and in such a critical manner of the investigation, is certainly a boon to the three indicted former Duke players, and a bane to DA Nifong–if nowhere else but in the court of public opinion.