Nothing new to see here, but in case you’re interested

Once upon a time, Duke and UNC was a wonderful season-finale episode. Restaurants were booked in advance for Saturday night tables. Neighbors wagered on the outcome and, legend has it, the loser picked up the tab no matter the cost.

Right now, Duke and UNC are a combined 1-9, 0-6 ACC. The Tar Heels have lost two home games and two road games and the Blue Devils still haven’t scored a second half touchdown in an 0-5 start.

Reasonable cynics have grown weary over the standard jokes about our football. Duke did score a couple touchdowns at Alabama last Saturday and the Heels got one in the Orange Bowl against a troubled Miami team that might want a brand new coach by the time the Canes kick it off in 2007.

It’s a mighty cruel business when you’re not going well, and we’re not going real well around here in case you’ve missed the point. John Bunting’s popularity is dropping, and fast. Ted Roof isn’t supposed to win many at Duke, but to get shut out in the opener with Richmond?