In a wide-ranging interview on ESPN2’s Cold Pizza, Coach K addressed a broad scope of issues ranging from his address to the men’s lacrosse team, to the U.S. basketball team, to the youth of his Duke team, to the contents of his new book.

Of his Blue Devil team, Coach K asserted that no one has stepped up yet and established themselves as the “go-to guy.”

He said the fact that his team has no seniors is a product of the game today, with the large number of student-athletes who have opted to go pro early having rendered Duke youthful. But he said he really likes his team, and said he’s been preaching that everyone must simply continue to play hard and “see what happens.”

Then they played a game with Coach K. The host introduced a brief segment in which various current and former players were asked to spell Coach’s last name.

Freshman Jon Scheyer started spelling it with “C.”

He was strugglin’.

And as PhysicsFactor told us earlier, Corey Maggette joked that no one could spell Coach K’s name, to which Coach quipped, “Maybe that’s why Corey left school early.”

The host then asked Coach K to spell the name of the women’s basketball coach, and Coach K responded immediately, “G.”

He wouldn’t try to spell it, saying he’d only call her by her first name–he respected her too much to do otherwise.