CSTV is slowly working its way into the mainstream. It’s not exactly Sports Illustrated, but CSTV’s preseason prognostications are consistent with the trend that the untested freshmen that will be abundant this season are going to come in with extremely lofty expectations.

Ohio State, for example, is ranked fourth in CSTV’s poll largely on the shoulders of Greg Oden.

CSTV even goes so far as to place Oden as its second-team All-American center, a bold feat for a player who even the Buckeye coach Thad Matta doesn’t expect back until January 1.

But this isn’t exactly a meritocracy. So all of this must be taken for what it’s worth.

That said, CSTV does give Duke more credit than most will coming into this season, placing Duke eighth and opining, “If a four-man recruiting class blooms ahead of schedule, Duke could rise to No. 1.”

Further, CSTV places sophomore Josh McRoberts on its second-team All-American squad.