On September 26th the site reached a milestone of sorts by accepting member number 25,000. Since that time we’ve added another 200+ lost souls to the madness, but 25,000 got me thinking about how far this little venture has come.

From a humble start on geocities.com way back in 1998; to finally getting the domain name (hey, $50 was a lot for a high schooler) in early 1999; to joining the old Rivals and then watching it go under only to resign with the new Rivals in September of 2000; and then leave the new Rivals for Scout.com in 2003, it’s been an interesting almost nine years (in February).

Growing to 25,000 users is pretty special since anyone who understands the ‘Duke market’ will tell you it’s a suprisingly small population relative to other big programs such as North Carolina, NC State, Texas, Big 10 Football schools, and most of the SEC.